The May round of applications: 8.–31.5.2020

The theme of 2020: documentary

"The absurdity of reality forces us to a form that shatters the realistic façade." – Theodor W. Adorno

What kind of evidentiary potential can we associate with visual art in a world in which a growing scepticism concerning claims of truth coexists with an unparalleled availability of scientific evidence? What kind of forms can documentary operations take in the practices of contemporary art? How can documentary materials facilitate new imaginaries and configurations of reality?

Under the theme of documentary, Olga and Vilho Linnamo Foundation announces a new call for applications from artists working with lens-based media. The call is open for professional artists who live and work in Finland and who operate with photography, video, or other lens-based medium in the space between fact and fiction. Projects related to photojournalism or documentary films are not included in the call.

Applications are welcome from both individual artists and working groups. The grants awarded by the Foundation are either working grants, expenditure grants, or travel grants directly related to the realisation of a particular project. As a rule, the Foundation does not award individual grants exceeding the sum of ten thousand (10 000) euros. Guidelines for submitting an application are found on the Foundation's website under the title Grants / For grant applicants.

The application period for the 2020 theme call is 8–31 May 2020.

The application and its required attachments must be submitted as a single pdf file by email to [email protected] at the latest by Sunday 31 May 2020 at 23:59 p.m. (UTC+3).

Applications submitted after this time or in a form not corresponding with the Foundation's guidelines will not be reviewed.

Further information:  [email protected]

Olga and Vilho Linnamon Foundation

Thematic call for 2020: Documentary

Awarded grants

Airo, Henri (photographic artist)
A working grant for finalising the series Probable causes

Blåfield, Maija (Master of Fine Arts)
For production costs of a multi-channel moving-image work
6.000 €

Conlon, Shia (Master of Fine Arts)
A working grant for making a photo and video work dealing with gendered violence
8.000 €

Haapala, Lilli (Master of Fine Arts)
For artistic work: scriptwriting and production of video material for the project A Museum of Possibilities (working title)
8.000 €

Heikkinen, Avi (comic artist)
For artistic work: creating a photo-based comic book
8.000 €

Henriksson-Boynik, Minna (Master of Fine Arts) & Boynik, Sezgin (Doctor of Social Sciences)
For production costs of an art book based on the film A Shot in the Factory (Laukaus tehtaalla, 1973) by Erkko Kivikoski
9.500 €

Humberg, Paula (Bachelor of Culture and Arts; Bachelor of Science in biology)
A working grant for making works dealing with biodiversity loss
10.000 €

Järvenpää, Tuija Asta (visual artist)
For production costs of a work entitled WMNS-Parliament and a related virtual salon and web page
5.000 €

Kaskinen, Heli (Master of Fine Arts)
For production costs of art works
4.000 €

Koivisto, Kaisu (Master of Arts)
For travel costs related to a working period in Greenland
2.500 €

Kokko, Jaana (Master of Arts; Master of Science in Economics)
For production costs of the film Green Land
7.000 €

Leclin, Johanna (Doctor of Fine Arts)
For production costs of a work that fictionalises documentary material entitled Heaven is Red and White
6.000 €

Linna, Lauri (Master of Arts)
For artistic work
8.000 €

Linna, Tuomas (Master of Fine Arts)
For acquisition costs of equipment needed for artistic work
5.000 €

Mikkola, Elian (Master of Fine Arts in Media Production)
For the pre-production and production of a documentary work in the form of an installation, dealing with the life of the German film actress Ruth Leuwerik
5.000 €

Motola, Haidi (Master of Fine Arts)
For production costs of the two final parts of a four-part video work Esperia
4.000 €

Närhinen, Tuula (Doctor of Fine Arts)
For installation, production and material costs of photography and video installations
6.500 €

Pennanen, Anu (Master of Fine Arts)
For creating an experimental film entitled Kati
8.000 €

Puolakka, Anni (Master of Fine Arts; Master of Arts)
For making a video work entitled T.OXO
6.000 €

Reiss, Sebastian (Master of Fine Arts)
For artistic work to conduct the project Wunderkammer
10.000 €

Roberts, Mark (visual artist, film maker)
For artistic work on a new multi-channel installation focusing on biodiversity and interspecies relationshipts
8.000 €

Roisin, Iona (Master of Fine Arts)
A working grant for making an essay film
8.000 €

Saarikoski, Aura (Master of Arts)
For artistic work on photography based autofiction
8.000 €

Saivosalmi-Katinas, Maria (Master of Arts, Dance) and working group
For artistic work to make a single channel video work “and then I saw myself in a different landscape”
8.000 €

Silomäki, Jari (Master of Arts)
For realising a documentary project dealing with photography as a vehicle for (re)defining the notion of an animal
10 000 €

Sirviö, Sauli (Master of Fine Arts)
For material costs of an exhibition
5.500 €

Taanila, Mika (visual artist)
For production costs of works dealing with archaeologies of the moving image
4.000 €

Viitahuhta, Marja (Master of Fine Arts) and working group
For production costs of the film Monsoon
6.000 €

Yiu, Sheung (visual artist) & Vasantola, Pekko (visual artist)
For production costs of the project Common Object in Context
7.500 €

Yli-Annala, Kari (Master of Fine Arts)
For post-production costs of a documentary VR-installation
3.500 €